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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. Please select the items which you want to get more additional information.
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 What is the shared VGA Memory size on KVM266PM-U Motherboard  mTAB  05/02/2005
 I get NO POWER / NO DISPLAY on KVM266PM-U motherboard with onboard 1800 CPU  Motherboard  05/02/2005
 How do I upgrade the BIOS on KVM266PM-U ver 3.0 motherboard to support Sempron CPU ?  Motherboard  05/02/2005
 Does My motherboard KVM266PM-U support SEMPRON CPU ?  Motherboard  05/02/2005
 Sometimes I hear different continuous beeps from computer after system boots up.  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 Why does system seem unstable after updating BIOS?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 There is a jumper for FP_AUDIO on my motherboard. How can I connect it to chassis?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 KT133a FSX USB Pin Define  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 My M/B could not power on or after power on there is no display. What shall I do?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 I update the BIOS. But after I restart the system, it appear below message. How Do I recover the BIOS?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 If I flash BIOS failed, how do I recover it?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 Why the system could not boot up when I insert DDR module in DIMM2?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
 Why I use SATA HDD with Raid mode, but Windows XP could not find the HDD during the installation?  Motherboard  00/00/0000
  What is Super HAD CCD sensor?  Surveilance  20/07/2009
 Comparision between Sony & Sharp CCD.  Surveilance  20/07/2009
 Compare 3.6mm lens vs. 6mm lens.  Surveilance  20/07/2009
 Compare 1/3  Surveilance  20/07/2009
 Explain IP66 and IP67 ?  Surveilance  04/05/2010
 What is mTAB?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 How to do Restore Factory Settings?  mTAB  08/11/2011
 What type of screen does mTAB have?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 What is android market?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 What settings need to be done to connect to my wifi router?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 What all languages does mTAB support?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 How to do Restore Factory Settings?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 How can i connect mouse and a keyboard?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 what is the size of mTAB?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I play youtube videos?  mTAB  27/09/2011
 Can I view animated GIF in Android  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I view my calendar and email offline with my Android device?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 How to move data from Internal memory to SD Card?  mTAB  08/11/2011
 Can I watch videos on my Android device?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I rotate the screen on my Android device?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I upgrade the RAM in my tablet?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I charge my Android tablet with the USB port?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 Can I install Microsoft Windows on my tablet?  mTAB  26/09/2011
 What all USB dongles does mTAB support ?  mTAB  11/10/2011
 What is touring and cruising?  Surveilance  22/07/2009
 What does PTZ or pan / tilt / zoom equipment actually do?  Surveilance  22/07/2009
 How many users can simultaneously log on to DVR using Web Viewer or Triplex pro viewer?  Surveilance  18/01/2010
 How to reset the password of the DVR?  Surveilance  18/01/2010
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