Can You Play League Of Legends On Mac?

Can You Play League of Legends on Mac? Breaking the Myth in 2024

Have you ever wondered, “Can you play League of Legends on Mac?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. Every day, thousands of gamers scour the internet for an answer to this modern-age conundrum. League of Legends, having millions of fans worldwide, has many Mac users among its ranks, wondering if it’s compatible with their device.

The good news is – yes! You can play League of Legends on a Mac. Apple’s computers have been known for their sleek design and top-notch functionality in various areas like design work and video editing. But what about gaming? More specifically, can you bring your A-game to the League of Legends rift while using a Mac? Let’s delve deeper into it.

The Reality: Can You Play League Of Legends On Mac?

Confirming the earlier point, yes, you can play League of Legends on a Mac with Intel chips and new Apple silicon chips. It turns out that Riot Games, the developer behind the immensely popular online battle arena game, made sure it’s adaptable to operate on Mac operating systems as well.

Now let’s get into some details. In earlier years, gamers largely favored PCs over Macs because many major titles didn’t support Mac OS. However, recognizing an untapped market and the vast potential of Apple users with high-performance machines eager to game, Riot Games made a welcome shift. Gamers worldwide lauded their decision to bring League of Legends to a larger audience by enhancing its compatibility with MacOS systems.

After its successful beta testing phase in 2013, this trend-setting online battle arena game was officially launched for Mac users. Henceforth, all updates and patches that the Windows users received were simultaneously rolled out for MacOS users too.

How about hardware requisites? Listed below are the minimum and recommended system requirements you’ll want to meet for smooth gameplay:

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5-750Intel Core i5-3300
SSD Available Space12 GB16 GB

But remember–even though you can play League of Legends on your Mac, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be optimal without tweaks for better performance later. We will address this in upcoming sections.

How To Get Started With League Of Legends On Your Mac

If you’re keen on playing League of Legends on your Mac, the good news is it’s quite straightforward and simple. Let’s delve into the specifics of getting you up to speed for some intense gaming sessions.

home page of League of Legends

Once you download the file, locate it within your ‘Downloads’ folder and double-click to open it. Slide the League of Legends icon into your ‘Application’ folder that automatically pops up. This process installs League of Legends onto your hard drive.

installer of game file

To launch League Of Legends, go to your Applications folder (Finder > Applications) and double-click on the game icon. Initially, it takes a little time since it has to download all the necessary patches and updates.

After setting up, create a Riot Games account if you don’t already have one. With that final step analyzed, you’re all set! Now, sit back, delve into this fantasy world and start collecting champions.

Downloading game file and Sign in page

Remember: The more powerful your Mac hardware is, the smoother League of Legends will run – so consider this point if you experience any lags during gameplay.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience on a Mac

When it comes to gaming performance, there is always room for improvement. Although a Mac can support League of Legends, the gaming experience might begin to lag unless you make certain adjustments. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your Mac’s performance to level up your League gaming experience.

Firstly, you can improve graphics by updating your Mac’s operating system. Apple continually enhances the graphic card drivers that come with every new OS update, making it an easy way to enhance game graphics. Updating your operating system only takes a few clicks – head over to the Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update.

Additionally, adjust your game settings. Reducing graphic frills such as shadows and textures levels within the game settings considerably lightens the load on your Mac, leading to smoother gameplay. Find this in Game Menu > Video > Graphic Settings in League of Legends.

An overlooked but practical tip is keeping your Mac clean, both physically and digitally. Dust can clog cooling fans causing overheating which negatively impacts performance; regular cleaning is crucial. Digitally speaking, keeping adequate disk space available (recommended 10% of total capacity) can prevent system-wide slow-downs and freezing.

Lastly, consider installing a third-party app like CleanMyMac X. It helps eliminate unnecessary clutter in just one click.

It’s true; while Macs weren’t initially designed specifically for gaming, these simple steps will allow you to fully engage in an enjoyable League of Legends session.

MethodAction Required
Update OSApple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update
Adjust Game SettingsGame Menu > Video > Graphic Settings in LoL
Keep Mac CleanRegular cleaning & maintaining 10% free disk space
Install Cleanup AppsCleanMyMac X

Other Popular Games That Are Compatible With A Mac

Wondering what you can play on your Mac apart from League of Legends? While Macs might not match the gaming reputation of their PC counterparts, there are still many popular titles compatible with macOS.

World of Warcraft, another titan in the gaming industry, runs smoothly on Macs. Blizzard has long ensured that this MMORPG classic is available for all fans, no matter their choice of operating system.

The Sims 4, an engaging life simulation game from EA is also Mac-friendly. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of casual gameplay. If you prefer strategic gameplay instead, you won’t be disappointed either.

StarCraft II gives you just that – a fast-paced strategy experience right on your macOS.

Action-adventure lovers can enjoy Tomb Raider, the rebooted version brings an orchestrated blend of stealth, combat and exploration to your fingertips with excellent macOS compatibility.

There are also online battle arena games like DOTA 2, which similar to League Of Legends provide endless multiplayer action and strategic gameplay.

GameDescriptionRecommended macOS
World of WarcraftA classic MMORPG from Blizzard that runs smoothly on Macs.macOS 10.13 (latest version)
The Sims 4An engaging life simulation game from EA, perfect for casual gameplay.macOS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
StarCraft IIOffers fast-paced strategy gameplay on macOS.macOS 10.15 (latest version)
Tomb RaiderThe rebooted version brings stealth, combat, and exploration to macOS.macOS 10.15
DOTA 2An online battle arena game similar to League of Legends with strategic multiplayer action.macOS 10.13.6 or newer


Can you download League of Legends on a MacBook Air M1?

Yes, you can. League of Legends is available to download on the official Riot Games website.

Are there any extra steps to install League of Legends on Mac?

No, the installation process of League of Legends is straightforward and similar to other applications.

Does playing games like League of Legends affect Mac’s performance?

It can depend on your specific device model and its specifications. However, typically a well-maintained Mac should handle the game well.

Are there any League of Legends features unavailable for Mac users?

No, all the gameplay features in League of Legends are available across all platforms, including Mac.

Are there any other popular games similar to League Of Legends that I can play on a Mac?

Yes, games like Dota 2 and Heroes Of The Storm are also compatible with your mac.


The reality is – yes, you can indeed play League of Legends on a Mac device. This revelation breaks the stereotype that Macs are not suitable for gaming.

It solidifies Mac’s standing as a versatile device that’s more than just about style and work efficiency; it also ensures an enjoyable gaming experience. To have the best time soaring through the League, remember to keep your Mac optimized and consider possible hardware upgrades if needed.

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