Quick Fixes For Macbook Pro Speakers Crackling

5 Quick Fixes For Macbook Pro Speakers Crackling in 2024

Have you ever found your serene mood interrupted by the annoying crackling sound from your MacBook Pro speakers? Disrupting your flow, whether you’re swept up during your favorite song or a fascinating podcast episode, this distortion can truly spoil your experience.

You’re not alone in this dilemma, as many MacBook Pro users have been perplexed by this problem. To understand the root of this issue, it’s essential to consider what might be causing such a disturbance.

The MacBook Pro speakers’ crackling may be a symptom of various problems, from software glitches to hardware complications. Armed with the proper knowledge, diagnosing and even rectifying this annoying problem with little to no fuss is possible. So, let us break down the causes of this crackling sound and navigate you through some practical solutions.

What Causes the Crackling Sound in MacBook Pro Speakers?

The cause for your MacBook Pro speakers crackling might not be as complicated as you think; it often stems from software glitches or outdated drivers. Now, let’s delve deeper into their reasons.

What Causes the Crackling Sound in MacBook Pro Speakers?

Firstly, the primary cause of MacBook Pro speakers crackling is usually a software issue. Apple’s MacOS systems occasionally experience glitches that can cause unwelcome noises in the speakers. One notorious example is the MacOS High Sierra, which yielded many reports of static noises. Apple generally rectifies this glitch in their newer updates, so keeping your system up-to-date is essential.

Secondly, outdated drivers often cause problems with the sound system. The drivers are necessary components that instruct the hardware (like speakers) on how to interface with the software. When these drivers are outdated, they might cause the speakers to behave unexpectedly, including crackling noises. Regular driver updates can help keep this problem at bay.

Another noteworthy factor is the possible physical damage to the speakers. If your MacBook Pro has experienced an impact, the speakers might be damaged, causing the sound to crack. Although this is not a common occurrence, it is a possibility to consider.

By monitoring your Mac system updates and ensuring your device drivers are always current, you can ward off many potential issues causing your MacBook Pro speakers to crack.

However, remember that third-party applications or audio-enhancing plug-ins might also lead to unwanted noises in your speakers. These applications could interfere with your audio output, causing a crackling or popping sound. Therefore, be mindful of the applications that gain control over your system’s speakers.

Lastly, overloading system audio levels can cause audio distortion, resulting in a crackling sound. Audio played at levels beyond the speaker’s capacity tends to distort, and in some cases, it might damage the speaker. Stick to safe volume levels to avoid this issue.

Quick Fixes for MacBook Pro Speakers Crackling

Experiencing crackling sounds from your MacBook Pro speakers can be pretty frustrating. However, practical solutions are available to fix this issue and restore your speakers to optimal performance. Here’s a rundown of simple yet effective fixes for this.

Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

Resetting the SMC can often resolve the issues like MacBook Pro speakers crackling. To do this, shut down your Mac and then hold the Shift + Control + Option along with the Power button for about 10 seconds. Release all these keys together, then hit the power button to start your Mac.

Updating the MacOS

Outdated MacOS can also lead to speakers’ crackling issues. Keep your operating system up-to-date. Go to the Apple menu > System Settings > General > Software Update. If updates are available, click ‘Update Now‘.

Checking Sound Settings

Sometimes, the sound settings can contribute to the crackling sound from MacBook Pro speakers. Head to System Settings > Sound. Ensure ‘Output volume’ is not on full and ‘Balance’ is set to the center. Just a slight adjustment can eradicate the crackle.

Conducting a Hardware Test

Conduct an Apple Hardware Test to determine if the issue is hardware-related. To do this, shut down your Mac. Then, turn it back on while holding down the ‘D‘ key until the Apple Hardware Test screen appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.

Contacting Apple Support

Pinpointing the Right Time for Professional Assistance

Experiencing crackling sounds from your MacBook Pro speakers can be frustrating. If you’ve attempted troubleshooting steps without success, it may be time to seek professional assistance. This is particularly necessary when the cause of the issue is beyond your technical know-how, such as inbuilt software problems or potentially damaged internal hardware.

When In-house Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work

If you’ve followed simple troubleshooting procedures (like updating your MacBook Pro to the latest operating system, resetting the PRAM/NVRAM, or even cleaning the speakers) and your MacBook Pro speakers are still crackling, it’s time to consider getting help from professionals. Reaching out to Apple Support can be a great start since they’re more experienced with such complex problems and can offer a solution tailored to your specific issue.

When the Crackling Sound Persists After a Software Update

Sometimes, you might update your MacBook Pro, hoping to see the end of the MacBook Pro speakers crackling. However, if the crackling sound persists even after an update, it’s a red flag that there might be a serious internal problem. In such cases, it’s advisable to seek technical assistance from a certified professional to avoid further damage to your device’s speaker.

Morning, Crackling Sound and Afternoon, Silence

If your MacBook Pro speakers are sporadically crackling – for instance, producing the crackling sound only in the morning but working fine in the afternoon – you most likely have an intermittent hardware issue. This can be daunting to diagnose and correct on your own. Professional help at this stage would not only save you time but also ensure that the problem is accurately addressed to prevent future recurrence.

Visible Physical Damage

Accidentally dropping your MacBook Pro could lead to physical damage, which might be the cause of the crackling speakers. If you notice any apparent deformations on your device around the speaker area, it is crucial to consult a professional immediately to prevent the problem from escalating.

Monitoring your device keenly, attempting basic troubleshooting techniques, and knowing exactly when to involve a professional can save you from the headache of the persistent MacBook Pro speakers crackling. A professional can identify and address both software and hardware anomalies causing the crackling sound from MacBook Pro speakers, bringing you back the blissful silence or the sound you want to hear.


The unsettling issue of MacBook Pro speakers can severely hinder your device experience. However, understanding its causes and implementing effective solutions can help you resolve this lingering problem. It’s important to remember that careful diagnosis and timely detection are key to mitigation.

With persistence and the right guidance, maintaining the quality and overall health of your MacBook Pro speakers is certainly achievable.

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