How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac?

How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac? Easiest Method

Are you tired of sifting through countless duplicate photos on your Mac? Do you find yourself frustrated with the clutter, wishing for a cleaner, more organized photo library? You’re not alone.

Many Mac users struggle with this same issue, spending unnecessary time and storage space on duplicate and redundant images. Proficiently managing these can be tricky, but fret no more! In this blog post, we will guide you on “How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac?” in a few simple steps!

Having duplicates in your collection creates excess clutter and chips away at your valuable storage space, causing your device to slow down. By addressing this issue head-on, you can save time searching for specific images, optimize your device’s performance, and create a smoother user experience. It’s high time to harness control back from the duplicates with our helpful guide!

How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac?

Are you tired of a cluttered photo library on your Mac? It’s indeed an uphill task to sift through thousands of images, let alone spot the duplicate ones. Luckily for you, there are three efficient methods to eliminate duplicate photos on your Mac, reclaim storage space, and restore tidiness.

1. Using Built-in Features: Capturing Duplicates in Photos App

The Photos App on your Mac offers a host of built-in functionalities designed for easy photo management. This includes detecting and deleting duplicate photos. If you don’t already know about this, do not worry. Here’s how you can capitalize on this internal feature.

1. Open the Photos app from the dock.

The Duplicates tab will appear if there are duplicates on your Photos app. It will also depend on the size of the Photos or videos and how much time it will take.

Showing Photos app of Mac from its dock

2. Click the Duplicates tab, which is on the left side.

How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac?

3. Select the photos which you would like to merge.

How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Mac?

After selecting the duplicate files in your library, an original photo or video appears, indicating the location of the duplicates. Deleted copies are then moved to a designated “Duplicates” album, where you can review and choose to either recover them or permanently delete them.

Manual Deletion: The Old School Method

Sometimes, old school is the best school, especially when duplicates have not bombarded your photo library. You can manually find and delete these replicas by following some simple steps.

Start by opening the Photos App on your Mac. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Select Photos from the left sidebar.
  2. Choose View from the menu bar and click on Show Sidebar if it’s not already visible.
  3. Navigate to Library, select Photos, and there you go!

You are now in a space that houses every photo on your Mac with chronology working in your favor—this setup aids in locating duplicates quickly, especially if they were taken or downloaded around the same time.

While scanning pictures individually might be time-consuming, this method guarantees that only unneeded duplicates are deleted. However, remember to keep an eagle’s eye out for similar photos – they may appear identical at first but differ subtly upon closer inspection.

The key lies in patience and detailed examination while manually sifting through your photos – so don’t rush! Keep an eye out for date stamps, too; they might be instrumental in distinguishing between similar-looking photos.

Once you’ve identified duplicates, simply right-click and send them to the Trash or press Cmd+Delete. Clean as a whistle!

Employing Third-party Software: When Manual Deletion Isn’t Enough

At times, manual deletion can be a hassle. It is painstakingly slow when countless duplicate files cramp your system. This is the stage where software specifically designed for managing these duplicates comes into play.

These third-party applications are professionally user-friendly and thoroughly search your Mac to find and eliminate identical images safely.

And it’s not just about locating exact duplicates either. Some software is clever enough to sniff out ‘similar’ photos, too – so that burst of 20 near-identical images you took to get one good selfie? Poof! Sorted.

To summarize, third-party software provides a holistic approach to managing your image files better by instantly identifying exact replicas and similar shots so that you can focus on what’s essential – taking more pictures!

Why is Your Mac Filled with Duplicate Photos?

Several factors contribute to the accumulation of duplicate photos on your Mac. Understanding the source of these duplicates can play a pivotal role in their reduction and prevention in the future.

Multiple Downloads

At times, you may inadvertently download the same image from the internet more than once. Each instance gets saved separately, subsequently creating duplicate files.

Photo Stream and iCloud

Another common culprit is Apple’s own iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream. These services sync pictures across your devices but may also pull copies onto your Mac without your realization.

Imported Photos

When you often import photos from a digital camera or smartphone into your computer, duplicates get created, especially if you reimport the images in the future.

Understanding these sources will help you trace back to where these duplicates are stemming from, thus taking efficient actions toward their deletion and preventing potential duplications from occurring again and again.


Having a clean, clutter-free photo gallery on your Mac is all about taking that extra step. Eliminating duplicate photos clears up storage space and makes it easier to find specific images when you need them. Using manual methods and third-party software, you can create a more organized and easy-to-navigate library.

Always remember to routinely review and remove duplicates to ensure optimal usage of storage space. Thus, the goal isn’t just about reclaiming memory; it’s also about ensuring your Mac runs smoothly for a more seamless digital experience. Keep your Mac clean and enjoy the efficiency!

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