how to zoom in and out on macbook

How to Zoom in and out on MacBook: Simple Ways to Do

Being tech-savvy is no longer optional – it’s a necessity, especially when using devices like an Apple MacBook! One of the questions we often encounter is, “How to Zoom In and Out on MacBook?”

Well, whether you’re preparing a presentation, editing photos for social media, or simply straining to see those micro-size fonts on your screen, zooming in and out on your MacBook can make all the difference.

But wait – what if you’re not entirely sure how to fully utilize this essential function? Don’t stress! We are here to guide you through some simple steps and tricks that will allow you to easily zoom in and out on your MacBook. From using your trackpad or keyboard shortcuts to the essential role of the mouse, we’ll cover it all. Let’s make sure you can navigate your MacBook like a pro.

How to Zoom in and out on MacBook?

Our MacBooks come packed with various settings and features designed to enhance our user experience. One such critical feature is the ability to zoom in or out. This capability is vital for viewing small text or images more clearly, among other things. So, how does one go about zooming on a MacBook?

Here are four common ways:

  • Using the Trackpad
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • The Mouse
  • Hover Text

How to Zoom in and out on Mac Using Trackpad?

Here is a simple guide if you’re wondering how to zoom in and out on a MacBook using the trackpad. With just the quick motions of your fingers, you can access the intricate details of any document or webpage.

To enhance your MacBook usage skills, let’s start using the trackpad for zooming. It’s all about the ‘gesture’ controls, which MacBook users love for their seamless integration and ease of use. The Apple MacBooks have several gesture controls that allow you to manipulate your screen view as smoothly as silk.

Step 1: Open ‘System Settings’. This is found on the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen.

How to Zoom in and out on MacBook?: open system settings via home screen (on clicking apple logo) to find out how to zoom in and out on macbook

Step 2: Once in ‘System Settings,’ click on ‘Trackpad.'(Maybe you have to scroll down.)

Step 3: You’ll then see three tabs: “Point&Click,” “Scroll & Zoom,” and “More Gestures.” Click on “Scroll & Zoom”.

Step 4: Check the box next to ‘Zoom in or out.’ This enables you to use a pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out while using your MacBook. Also, there is ‘Smart Zoom’. With ‘Smart Zoom’, it enables you to zoom at the cursor point using a double-tap with two fingers.

How to Zoom in and out on MacBook?: enabling Zoom in or out with trackpad

The method is amazingly convenient as it replicates similar controls found on mobile devices. Just place two fingers on your trackpad. To zoom in, move your fingers apart; to zoom out, bring them close together again.

How to Zoom on Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, move to the next method to zoom in and out using the keyboard. The solution is straightforward: using simple keyboard shortcuts, you can swiftly zoom in and out on your MacBook screen. This practical tool saves time, boosts productivity, and simplifies workflow. Now, let’s carve this path for you step by step.

Standard Zoom Functions

For starters, the most common keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out on a MacBook are: “Command + Plus (+)” and “Command + Minus (-).” Here is how to use these standard functions:

  • Zoom In: Press the “Command” key and the “Plus (+)” key simultaneously. This command will enlarge your screen.
  • Zoom Out: Press the “Command” key and the “Minus (-)” key together. This command will decrease your screen size.
Zoom in and out using keyboard

Advanced Zooming Features

You can access more advanced settings if you wish to fine-tune the zoom-in and out features. Here’s how to set up and use them:

  • In the Apple menu located at the top of your screen, click on “System Settings.”
  • Within System Settings, look for the “Accessibility” section.
  • Click on the “Accessibility” icon and then select the “Zoom” function.
enabling zoom in and out using keyboard
  • There, you can choose “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.”
use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out

Now that everything is set up, you can continue using the standard keyboard shortcuts mentioned above for instantaneous zooming. In addition, knowing how to disable this feature at times comes in handy:

  • To disable zoom completely, use Option + Command + 8 keyboard shortcut. This commandation is a quick switch that lets you turn off or activate the zoom function as needed.

The Mouse’s Role in Zooming on a Mac

Here is the 3rd one method: When navigating a MacBook and exploring its vast array of features, using a mouse can significantly enhance your experience, especially for zooming in or out of your screen. Yes, that’s right; just as you can zoom in and out using your trackpad or keyboard shortcuts, you can enjoy this feature through your mouse.

Operating the zoom function via the mouse on a MacBook is as simple as it is efficient. Also regarded as the scroll gesture, this feature allows users an expedient way to zoom in or out on their screens. All it takes is holding down the control key while scrolling up or down using the middle wheel of your mouse.

To enable this amazing feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open Apple Menu
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Click on Accessibility
  4. In Accessibility options, find Zoom and click.
  5. Here, you’ll find an option called Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom. Check the box next to it.
enabling zoom in and out using mouse

Doing so will activate this gesture-based zooming feature, providing you with another tool for effectively maneuvering around your MacBook.

As part of its customizable aspects, Mac also allows you to choose which modifier key (control, option, shift) will be used for command signals with respect to the scroll gesture functionality. This ability further adds to user convenience by letting them determine how they interact with their device based on preference and ease of use.

Using Hover Text as a Tool for Zooming on Mac

Let’s move to the last method. Zooming in and out on your MacBook doesn’t have to be limited to pinching your trackpad or using keyboard shortcuts — the hover text feature can also serve as a great zooming tool. This might be an unfamiliar feature for some, but rest assured, it’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Hover text is a valuable accessibility tool designed to enlarge texts simply by hovering over them. This means that without changing your standard screen view or making detailed zoom adjustments, you can simply magnify specific areas of content by hovering over them.

Here’s how you can use this handy tool:

  • Go to the Apple menu and navigate to “System Settings.”
  • From “System Settings,” find your way into the “Accessibility” section.
  • In Accessibility, click on “Zoom.”
  • A window with various Zoom options will open up; locate and select the “Enable Hover Text” box.
Hover to text to zoom in and out
  • You’ve now enabled hover text! To use it, just press the Command key while pointing at an area of text with your cursor.

When you want a quick glance or need increased font size—whether it’s an email subject line, complex code syntax, or minute details in documents—hover text has got you covered.


In conclusion, knowing how to zoom in and out on a MacBook is essential for any MacBook user. This guide has provided simple and easy-to-follow steps to assist you in mastering this task. From navigating through your trackpad or keyboard shortcuts and utilizing the mouse and hover text, rest assured each method has been discussed comprehensively.

Remember, practice makes perfect – so try these methods out right now. After all, these newfound skills will only enhance your MacBook experience.

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